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Operating throughout New Zealand, Harward+Son Ltd provides our customers with bespoke turnkey solutions across a varied range of civil, structural, and mechanical disciplines.

Harward+Son has a robust understanding of all aspects of the industrial-engineering process and deliver a proven range of highly-specialised services, that integrate fluently with existing projects and if required also enables our team to establish, manage and maintain all-types of engineering-based projects independently to completion on our clients behalf.

Our team’s extensive industrial-engineering experience, combined with the fact that we are continually scaling and optimising our practices and processes, enables Harward+Son to maintain a very clear understanding for all-types of industrial and engineering projects.


Importantly, Harward+Son are a family-owned business that has been built on the virtues of long-term customer, employee & supplier relationships, where both transparency and opportunity are values we work by everyday internally and especially when we are working as part of larger external project teams.


We believe that our results-orientated integrity, is above all, the fundamental characteristic that makes Harward+Son standout, here in New Zealand and around the world. 

So if you’d like to discover more about Harward+Son and see why more people choose to work with us …  take a moment to have a good look around our new online media-platform and remember if you have any queries, you are welcome to leave a message or call us directly.



Together, as a team, we are consistently focused on creating strength through diversity. Congruently, we specialise in delivering a precise combination of customised operational and strategic processes in addition to primary asset consulting, all of which is completely supported by our Manufacturing, Structural, Mechanical and Construction operations that enable us to continuously optimise all the bespoke industrial engineering services, advice and products we deploy every day.


"Whether solving customers needs, designing and building new infrastructure, or upgrading and maintaining existing processes and assets, Harward+Son will deliver precisely the industrial-engineering solution that your organisation and especially your project requires to progress forward"


Harward+Son understands clearly that world we live in today must evolve efficiently and purposefully into the world we will all live in together tomorrow.




The Harward+Son team are proven and widely respected in the industry with a trusted reputation for consistently delivering comprehensive highly-specialised engineering services that summarily includes the optimisation of complex processes, systems, or organisations by developing, improving and implementing progressive integrated systems that significantly optimize our clients resources of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy and materials.


Simply put, we are experts at figuring out how to make or do complex structural things better. Much much better.


We enable all our clients here in New Zealand and around the world to function + operate in a new optimized way that ultimately empowers them to confidently move forward into a significantly more productive, efficient and rewarding future.


Harward+Son ~ New Zealand’s Trusted Industrial & Infrastructure Engineering Experts. 

NZ's Trusted Industrial Engineering Experts.


Delivering Results-Orientated Integrity. Everyday.


Efficient Solutions. Quality Results. 


Capabilities & Project Sample Slideshow


Professional Services Consulting
- Consulting
- Design solutions
- Turnkey projects 
- Asset & process surveys
- Maintenance and safety surveys
- PS1 - PS4 Design work
- Heritage + Restoration projects 
- Project management 

- Materials handling
- Parcel and baggage handling
- Infrastructure
- Defence 
- Heavy Transport
- Manufacturing
- Construction 
- Repairs and maintenence





"Harward+Son NZ ltd have continually ensured from the outset of their facilities and maintenance works, that they are well prepared, meet all works requirements and embrace Defence Estate and Infrastructure safety protocols. 

There is always a clear emphasis on health and safety while also ensuring a well run and coordinated worksite. Team members display excellence in their preparation coordination and communication, reporting and onsite behaviours.

Harward+Son prides itself on quality, diverse capabilities, and engineering excellence and have demonstrated that their safety systems can merge professionally and practically with NZDF Defence Estate & Infrastructure". 

New Zealand Defence Force 2023 Best Initiative by a Contractor National Award  

"I have worked with David in the past as a supplier of services on a cost saving project. He has outstanding interpersonal skills and is the consummate sales professional, spending time to really understand his customers requirements and delivering on those in spades. It is those qualities which won our business and would be an asset to any organisation".

Richard Barker, Global Category Manager - Cameron Measurement Systems

A Schulumberger company 

"David is a very personable, knowledgeable, well-organised team player. David took the lead on our Early Works Master Data project. With his commitment to the success of the project and his drive to do it right the first time made him an excellent person to take the lead of our group. David was able to bring a diverse group of people together to collaborate and work together to achieve the results that were expected of the project. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with David again"

Russ Carrick - Suncor, Maintenance Reliability Planning & Scheduling 

Health & Safety

As a business, Harward+Son places health and safety at the forefront of everything we do without compromising the efficiency or the quality of our work.

It is our primary goal to have continuous improvement and to recognise and reward safe working practices. Our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment begins at the top management level and extends to our employees and subcontractors.


Harward+Son are Site Safe qualified along with working at heights, confined space, EWP, WTR, first aid, permit receiver, permit issuer qualifications we continually stay current and up to date with Safety-related technology and legislation. 


New Zealand Safety Award's

NZDF Best Initiative by a Contractor Safety Award 2023

Safety award .png

Team Harward+Son

David Harward

Photography by PAUL PETCH-2.jpg

David Harward's professional and industrial career spans 40 years across a broad industrial base, beginning in New Zealand, with the country's leading energy provider and becoming nationally recognized in his trade. 

From there, David managed his own successful startup engineering company for ten years, building a strong reputation of quality and innovation, designing and building heavy transport, industrial and infrastructure solutions for a varied local market.

David then took his young family to North America to look for further growth and more significant challenges. There, he held senior roles across five separate industries, managing and growing businesses throughout Canada and the US for over 18 years in contract and production manufacturing, bulk material handling equipment construction, baggage handling equipment, oil and gas manufacturing and asset management, defence arenas along with executive sales and business development.

David enjoys creating and strengthening relationships at all levels by creating efficient solutions and through the effective delivery of projects for customers, all the while continually providing opportunity and success for those around him.

Matthew grew up in Canada and returned to New Zealand to be trained by the New Zealand Defence Force as a Combat Engineer, proudly serving NZDF for four years.


 Matthew also spent many years operating in the Canadian Oil & Gas and Construction Industries in mechanical, supply chain and team roles through Canadian summer and winter seasons before returning to New Zealand.

Bringing this valuable experience to play Matthew delivers the Harward + Son projects and solutions we design/build for our valued customers while consistently growing the Harward + Son portfolio.

Matthew's focus is paramount on Harward + Son team safety and also building long term customer relationships through excellent levels of project quality and delivery, coupled with clear communications to all stakeholders.

Matthews vision for Harward + Son is to remain a multi-disciplined solutions provider, and to create excellent opportunities for team members to gain experience at all levels of project delivery, training and career advancement.

Matthew Harward

Photography by PAUL PETCH-5.jpg

Jeanette Harward

Photography by PAUL PETCH-4.jpg

Jeanette provides 32 yrs of professional experience both in New Zealand and Canada, which extends to engineering business operations, finance, and accounting, plus many years as a critical care nurse, with extensive medical records and administration experience.

Jeanette's strong abilities in these disciplines provide daily support to the Harward + Son team, and alongside these skills, Jeanette performs key project management tasks within Harward + Son, liaising with stakeholders to provide valuable support in all aspects of both office, shop, and daily site operations.      

Having moved a family and household around the world several times is a testament to Jeanette's abilities in logistical and administration planning, where she has always been a tireless homemaker and supportive of those around her. Calling Canterbury home now, Jeanette can often be found shaping beautiful gardens and building strong relationships.  


Abby Harward

Abby is the Harward + Son nominated Health and Safety Representative, playing an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the Harward + Son health and safety management system. Her primary focus is ensuring the Harward Son team and those around us make it home safely each day while continually improving and building on a successful HSE program.   


Abby has achieved NZ Dip HSE qualification with honours and also holds a current SiteSafe construction passport, confined spaces & gas testing certificate, wheels tracks and rollers certificate, first aid and her working at heights qualification.

Although her role is primarily focused on Health and safety, Abby regularly gets her hands dirty, helping on-site with any project the team is working on, whether operating  equipment or mastering any new tool to do the job safely and efficiently.

Abby's ability to adapt to any situation through changing environments makes her an integral part of the Harward + Son team. 

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Christchurch, New Zealand.





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