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"I have worked with David in the past as a supplier of services on a cost saving project. He has outstanding interpersonal skills and is the consummate sales professional, spending time to really understand his customers requirements and delivering on those in spades. It is those qualities which won our business and would be an asset to any organisation".

Richard Barker, Global Category Manager - Cameron Measurement Systems

A Schulumberger company 

"David is a very personable knowlegable, well organised team player. David took the lead on our Early Works Master Data project. With his commitment to the success of the project and his drive to do it right the first time made him an excellent person to take the lead of our group. David was able to bring a diverse group of people together to collaborate and work together to achieve the results that were expected of the project. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with David again"

Russ Carrick - Suncor, Maintenance Reliability Planning & Scheduling 

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