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Strength through diversification

Harward & Son Ltd are a New Zealand family-owned company primarily focusing on civil, structural and mechanical infrastructure.

Greenfield design builds, upgrades, or maintaining assets, our team offers 40+yrs of local and international experience to work directly with the end-user delivering innovative solutions, and we are confident you will enjoy working with us.

Professional Services

- Design consultation 

- Engineering & structural analysis

- Producer statement 1 thru 4 progression

- Safety surveys, analysis, reporting and certifying   

- Point cloud scanning - reality into design

- Point cloud scanning for as-builts 

- Point cloud scanning for construction and machine controls 

- Point cloud scanning for construction progress reporting  

- 3D modeling and point cloud data processing 

- Drafting service, structural, working dwgs, and as built's 

- Underground service locations - isolated or surveyed data logging

- Water system non visual leak detection using audio analysis

- Water system  flow monitoring & analysis

- SWL load and foundation integrity testing 

- Asset master data surveys 

- Reliability program development 

- Preventative maintenance programs 

- Project management 

Trade Services

- Confined space work certified

- EWP certified

- Site safe certified 

- Certified welding 

- Fabrication 

- Machining 

- Mechanical services 

- Earthworks using laser machine control 

- Landscaping - rock burying, flail mowing, backhoe & 4way bucket - - Landscape material & cartage   

- Concrete formwork and placing

- Full construction services 


Davids background stems from New Zealand agriculture before becoming a top qualifier in heavy fabrication and machining winning multiple awards in New Zealand.

After 10 yrs as a successsful start up designing and building heavy transport and structural projects David lived in Canada and worked across North America where he also became Canadian qualified.

Primarily in senior leadership roles, David championed effective change leadership, while working with some of Canadas largest companies in OIl and Gas, Defence, Agriculture and Construction.  
David’s approach to leadership, quality, workmanship and safety is simple but effective, applying his
technical and practical life skills to build up individuals, processes and ultimately companies to be robust and resilient.

Ph 021 043 7376

Matthews background extends from the Canadian oilfield drilling supply chain to the New Zealand Defence Force as a Combat Engineer.  
Matthews broad experience and appreciation for people provides a dynamic catalyst for effective team building - a key element to remain agile and responsive for today's customers with often changing and challenging requirements coupled with short turnaround project executions.  
Matthew enjoys being a leader, teacher and manager who measures achievement by the success of the final outcome for all stakeholders involved.

Safety, modern equipment and processes, technology and good old appreciation anchor Matthews teams together to consistently meet the required deliverables.   

Ph 027 385 9121

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